Kragbuzz Sports & Fitness Foundation For Children

Mentorship Programmes for Children

We are ardent believers in guiding the children at a young age for their complete development and preparation to work towards their goals. Hence, we provide mentorship programmes for such children to hone their talents and to get the right guidance at the right time.

Sports Education for Children

We all know that sports education is as important as having talent. To give better shape to the talent of students, sports education is offered to interested students by us. We take care of all their needs to offer them the best possible environment for becoming a better sportsperson.

Scholarship Programmes for Underprivileged

To support the underprivileged children who cannot afford sports education, we offer scholarships so that they can also follow their dreams and not feel stifled by their incapacity of any kind.

Sports Exchange Programmes for Young Athletes

Young athletes who want to experience exposure in various situations and places are promoted by offering sports exchange programmes to learn more than they already know and hence, grow as well as improve their game.

Sports development programmes for the Disabled or physically challenged

We give special care and attention to not just normal athletes, but also to the physically challenged or diabled students so that they also get equal training and guidance opportunities to showcase their potential and win accolades.